Seither’s Restaurant – The Boiling Pot of New Orleans

The small oyster bar used to act as the retail market for Seither’s. Converting it was a smart move, and it now doubles up as a dining area and adds a bit of character to the space. This is just an example of the transformations for the easy-to-miss, small restaurant that provides more than meets the eyes.

Initially, Seither’s Restaurant in New Orleans creates a very familiar vibe with laminated menus, perfunctory side salads, the sounds of cracking and slurping all around, entrees-sized appetizers, and people making their way through heaps of boiled shellfish. Other than the blackened edge, the Asian Tuna looks very much like a Louisiana-inspired sushi bar salad with the spun art stripes of eel sauce and spicy mayo. Diners can get first-rate or fried roysters inside a crunch of the Leidenheimer po-boy loaf. They can also get a shrimp dressed with avocado, tuna, and sometimes Italian and seafood stuffing, as well as artichoke chunks matted with mozzarella and doused with garlic butter–a sandwich that easily passes for a handheld casserole.

Seither’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans is what you get after combining the foodie drive and a love for Louisiana seafood to create a distinctive twist on the same traditional ingredients. Jason Seither and Shannon Cronin add these spins regularly. It never is too fancy at Seither’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans. Friends hoist beer pitchers on tightly packed tables, families gather, and the kitchen makes linguini and bales of spaghetti for large seafood pasta meals. The straightforward grilled or fried seafood is usually very delightful, but sometimes the shrimp creates a sandy bite when it is not deveined.

Whatever else takes place here at the beating heart of Seither’s Seafood Restaurant is the boiling pot. One of the appeals of Seither’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans is how crabs, boiled crawfish, and shrimp closely look like a backyard boil as compared to a standard bar or restaurant boil. The dishes are not very spicy and taste more complex than just cayenne and salt. A variety of boiled vegetables–corn, potatoes, celery, onions, whole garlic bulbs–all are standard. It indicates that even as Seither’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans branches out the kitchen is still very good at bringing it all back home. For seafood dishes, Seither’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans is the ideal place for a creative plate that will truly excite your palate. You will truly love your dining experience at this seafood restaurant.