Seither’s Restaurant – The Boiling Pot of New Orleans

The small oyster bar used to act as the retail market for Seither’s. Converting it was a smart move, and it now doubles up as a dining area and adds a bit of character to the space. This is just an example of the transformations for the easy-to-miss, small restaurant that provides more than meets the eyes.

Initially, Seither’s Restaurant in New Orleans creates a very familiar vibe with laminated menus, perfunctory side salads, the sounds of cracking and slurping all around, entrees-sized appetizers, and people making their way through heaps of boiled shellfish. Other than the blackened edge, the Asian Tuna looks very much like a Louisiana-inspired sushi bar salad with the spun art stripes of eel sauce and spicy mayo. Diners can get first-rate or fried roysters inside a crunch of the Leidenheimer po-boy loaf. They can also get a shrimp dressed with avocado, tuna, and sometimes Italian and seafood stuffing, as well as artichoke chunks matted with mozzarella and doused with garlic butter–a sandwich that easily passes for a handheld casserole.

Seither’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans is what you get after combining the foodie drive and a love for Louisiana seafood to create a distinctive twist on the same traditional ingredients. Jason Seither and Shannon Cronin add these spins regularly. It never is too fancy at Seither’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans. Friends hoist beer pitchers on tightly packed tables, families gather, and the kitchen makes linguini and bales of spaghetti for large seafood pasta meals. The straightforward grilled or fried seafood is usually very delightful, but sometimes the shrimp creates a sandy bite when it is not deveined.

Whatever else takes place here at the beating heart of Seither’s Seafood Restaurant is the boiling pot. One of the appeals of Seither’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans is how crabs, boiled crawfish, and shrimp closely look like a backyard boil as compared to a standard bar or restaurant boil. The dishes are not very spicy and taste more complex than just cayenne and salt. A variety of boiled vegetables–corn, potatoes, celery, onions, whole garlic bulbs–all are standard. It indicates that even as Seither’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans branches out the kitchen is still very good at bringing it all back home. For seafood dishes, Seither’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans is the ideal place for a creative plate that will truly excite your palate. You will truly love your dining experience at this seafood restaurant.…

The Fresh and Very Diverse Menu of Seither’s Seafood

When the idea of setting up Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans came to Seither, he had just got married to his wife and a nice place for rent had just opened up around the corner. Seither would often pull up and peer in the window, imagining all the things he could do with the space. It was not long before he decided to take a chance with the space and started drawing admiration from the state, and the likes of Louisiana cookin’ started to proclaim that Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans was the best restaurant if you wanted to enjoy boiled crawfish.

Although Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans is best known for its crawfish, the establishment is more than that. The restaurant offers award-winning po-boys, including Killer Roast Beef, an avocado and blackened shrimp, and a creative Sushi featuring eel and a snow crab. The menu does not leave traditional diners behind. Also on offer is the traditional selection of Gumbo Ya-Ya, alongside boiled and fried seafood platters. Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans also has something for the culinary thrill-seekers who would like to push creativity limits a bit further. These include a daily fresh offering known as the Hook, Line, and Dine, Jason’s Vacation, which is a play on a Caribbean-style meal with pineapple and jerk chicken but maintains its southern roots with onion and bell pepper, and the Tuna Volcano which features shrimp and snow crab.

From triple fail to sheepshead, Jason Seither loves local and fresh fish. Seither counts on Piazza Seafood to meet this need and has been using their service since he set up Seither’s and has developed a great relationship with Piazza Seafood. According to Seither, working with the owners and the capacity to deliver/pick up are some of the main factors that came to play when he was determining who to get fresh produce from. The train for Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans is not slowing down anytime soon. The 5-time award winner of the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival has its sights on great things. The restaurant continues to be featured including on FOX8, food critic Brett Anderson, and acclaimed food culture writer Ian McNulty. Seither also has a cooking show in play and has been in talks with a film studio. Seither is really excited about this new project.

The small seafood establishment tucked into a row of workshops and garages features two entrances. One entrance leads to the layer of Rodney Jones and a new oyster bar. The second entrance takes you to the main dining area, a cramped room with the incongruously cheery decor of a beach bar and a low ceiling.

No matter what you choose to eat at Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans, the shucker’s salesmanship almost guarantees that the meal will comprise a half-dozen oysters. The ultimate multitasker, the shucker praises Louisiana food, opens oysters, derides the Atlanta Falcons, convinces you to half another half dozen, and mixes his signature cocktail sauce all at once.…

Taste of the Sea at Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans

Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans is a fresh and funky seafood joint where creativity and cuisine come together. Owner and chef Jason Seither spent his early life on the Bayou cooking with his mother and boiling crawfish with his father. Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans uses the best local, traditional ingredients and incorporates his own wild flair to his meals. The volcano resembles an Asian-inspired taco salad featuring shrimp, fresh ahi, and crab salad. Totem pole is a creatively crafted meal with stuffing of crab, shrimp kabab, crispy soft-shell crab, and fried eggplant.

Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans boils down to 2 passions that make the establishment successful–the art of cooking with fresh and local seafood and replicating the traditional crawfish boil that has been a staple for family backyard events into the restaurant’s environment. Real, authentic comfort dishes that draw their inspiration from the Cajun cuisine, but are made with true love, authenticity, and passion. Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans really makes a trip to the establishment worth it and has received well-deserved recognition and a variety of culinary accolades. One of the things you can be absolutely sure about is that when you visitSeither’s Seafood in New Orleans, you will be served a delightful southern meal that is nothing short of perfect. The restaurant is keen about the entire culinary process from ingredient preparation to cooking the dishes, to ensuring that the customers are happy about their experience at the restaurant. Most of the folks that have dined at the establishment will agree that the menu at Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans is excellent, and not without reason. Meals are always served hot, fresh, and quick. The only drawback is that due to the restaurant’s popularity and demand, it can sometimes get a little busy resulting in a slight wait but the delicious dishes are worth the wait. With such an amazing selection of dishes, it is difficult to single out one dish that Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans makes best. No matter which dish you go for, you can be guaranteed that you will love it.

In the culinary world, the term fusion is often used to refer to the marriage of cuisines. When you visit the unassuming and delightful Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans, you are not expecting to find a sushi po-boys or Asian-inspired plates. Fortunately, for guests and locals alike, this is exactly what you get, one of the most creative offerings of fusion cuisine. Not only are the dishes at Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans beautiful, but they also boast of flavor and are certainly deserving of the constant praises, multiple accolades, and rave reviews they receive.

Jason Seither, owner and chef at Seither’s Seafood in New Orleans is a great cook and true seafood soul. He was born to a fisherman and started working with seafood in the kitchen early on in his life (much like the founders of Harris & Harris!). At the time Seither had no idea that one day he could marry his passion for cooking with his artistic talent. When he was young, Seither used to help his father boil crawfish at backyard boils. So it’s no surprise that when Seither was old enough to get his first job, he made his way to the closest restaurant seeking a position in the kitchen. Although he did not get the position he wanted because of a lack of prior experience, he was offered one as a waiter. The idea of being a waiter was not particularly interesting to Seither, but he accepted it and later worked in various roles such as bartender and kitchen manager.…